Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ina Garten's Sunday Routine

Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa; lives in The Hampton's, and also has apartments in New York & Paris.
I recently found her routine:
 COFFEE AND OATMEAL Sunday is my favorite day of the week, totally. I get up around 7:30, get the house together, and then I make breakfast: oatmeal and coffee. I put the oatmeal in the microwave for three minutes, McCann’s quick-cooking oatmeal. I never use instant. It has no texture. I brew some Eli’s coffee, put it in my big white mug, add milk and then sit at the kitchen table and read the paper. I do everything at the kitchen table: it has a metal base and concrete top, and it’s in an alcove that faces south and overlooks the garden.
  BLOGGING IN THE BARN After breakfast, I wander over to the barn; not an actual barn, but a barn like structure I built six years ago after we bought the property next door. It has a 2,000-square-foot kitchen, which is great, because until then I did all my filming and cooking in the house; it’s nice to have a separate space for work. My partner, Frank, shows up at the barn and we test recipes and work on the blog. I started a Facebook blog three weeks ago and already have 100,000 followers. Amazing. I had resisted and resisted: I didn’t even know what it meant to be liked on Facebook. But I jumped into the abyss, and now I’m splashing around.
  SUBJECT MATTER Each week I focus the blog on one of four things: cooking, travel, entertaining or house and garden. After I had Elmo on my show, I wrote about it and included the recipe for Elmo’s heart-healthy cookies.
  OUT TO LUNCH At noon, Jeffrey and I put the top down on the Mini Cooper and we either drive out to Duryea’s in Montauk or to Hampton Bays to the Canal Cafe. I have a lobster roll or some type of grilled fish; I don’t like fancy food.
  SHOPPING STOPS We might stop at Eli’s in Amagansett to pick up some food for the week, but I also make the rounds of the garden stores: my favorites are Lynch’s in Southampton and Marders in Bridgehampton. We’ve got two acres, and although some of it is lawn, the kitchen garden is about a quarter of an acre.
  PLANTS DU JOUR In the late afternoon, I’ll plant whatever we bought that day. Last week it was zucchini, dahlias in a beautiful plum color and French melons. I just like to get my hands dirty on Sundays.
  MASSAGE TRADITION Every Sunday at 6 p.m. for the last 27 years I’ve had a massage. In 1985, I was working really hard, and one day I told myself, “I’m not having enough fun.” So I did two things: I got myself a red Mustang convertible and started having massages. I don’t have the Mustang anymore, but I still have the same masseuse!
  COLONIAL TAKEOUT For dinner, Jeffrey orders takeout from the 1770 House and brings it home. I watch “60 Minutes” and the must-see Sunday TV shows; now it’s “The Killing,” but I’m excited about Aaron Sorkin’s new show, “The Newsroom.” Jeffrey watches “The Killing” with one eye closed; he wakes up at 4, so he’s entitled to fall asleep at 9 or 10. I tend to watch until 11.
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Inspiration 10.26

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What a nice little laundry area.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Estee Lauder Family Photo

Lauder family gathering: A 1978 photograph shows how close an eight-year-old Aerin (front centre was to her grandmother Estee (directly behind)
Lauder family gathering in 1978


Bobby Kennedy is selling the home where Mary Kennedy died

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is selling the mansion where his wife Mary was found hanged - and is now believed to be making plans to move to Los Angeles to live with his girlfriend, actress Cheryl Hine.

The 58-year-old lawyer and environmentalist has put the sprawling seven-bedroom house in Bedford,Westchester, up for sale for just under $4 million - five months after his wife's death.
Tragic: Bobby Kennedy is selling the house where Mary died, it was revealed today
The house the family lived in

Family history: The house is filled with mementos of the Kennedys
The entry

Patriotic: The hallway is decorated with pictures of the American flag
Stairway, with patriotic flags

Tranquility before tragedy: The master bedroom
The master bedroom

Peaceful: Mary Kennedy had worked hard to turn the property into a tranquil eco-home before her death
The master bathroom

Kennedy spread: The lounge features a bookshelf and eco-friendly floors
The living room

Kennedy spread: The lounge features a bookshelf and eco-friendly floors
The livingroom, from a different view

A kitchen fit for a Kennedy: The sprawling kitchen with all mod-cons
The kitchen, with energy saving appliances

Family room: Now the family home is being sold
TV room

Pretty in pink: The sprawling Kennedy home boasts seven bedrooms
Their daughter's bedroom

The swimming pool is set amid 10 acres of land
The back yard, with an enclosed swimming pool.

All images from Daily Mail
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