Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Dreams

What a wonderful way to think about the new year.
Happy New Dreams.
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My DREAM is for us to move safely.
For sunny NEW DAYS at the beach.
To have a simple wedding day, with many years to DESIRE one another.
NEW WAYS to celebrate the holidays.
A YEAR of happiness, healthiness and to leave the past two years of death, cancer and family disruptions aside.
And last but definitely not least, a NEW ME that is happier, and comfortable with letting the world know my beliefs without hiding under a rock, with fear.
To all my readers,
I wish you all a very happy NEW YEAR.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roasted rib-eye garnished with fruits

How delicious does this rib-eye look?
I found the recipe on Pinterest and discovered a lovely new blog with many scrumptious recipes to try.
Here's the recipe from La Casa Sin Tiempo:
Roasted rib-eye garnished with fruits
A piece of rib-eye according to the size you wish
½ glass of white wine
Olive oil, garlic, salt and grounded pepper
A bunch of herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage)
Green apples (or red, if you prefer) and pears.

First of all, put olive oil all over the meat and flavour it with crushed garlic, salt and pepper rubbing them well. Pre-heat the oven in 240°C. This initial high temperature will be for sealing and thus, avoiding the juice to leak out of the meat. After flavoured, tie the meat with a string all over the piece so its shape will be kept. Cut the apples and pears in halves by their longitude (do not peel them) keeping the stalk. Put the bunch of herbs under the rib-eye in a roaster, place the apples and pears among it and baste everything with white wine. The roaster goes into the pre-heated oven in high temperature (240°C). Then, at this time, lower the oven for 200°C and roast the meat for about 40 minutes. Every now and again sprinkle the meat and fruits with the wine from the bottom of the roaster. If you prefer it well done, it should remain in the oven until it gets gilded.
Delicious, right?
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