Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny People, am I one of them?

Everyday I have a mental note of what pages I'm going to check out online, don't you? Firstly is my Hotmail account, where I recently spent a day putting my several hundred messages into neat folders (highly recommended) and it's also where I keep a running to-do list and calender.
Then it's Facebook of course, to see if any one's posted something new, or to read messages from my friends near and far.
Then each and every day I read The Daily Mail. It is a British newspaper. I was once a newspaper delivery gal, back in my early teens in England and The Daily Mail headlines always captured my attention, and I also like that it's not like some American news stations can be, too conservative, or too liberal.
After that, it's the dreaded task of checking my banking online. It can either put me in a good mood or bad mood, especially when a service charge pops up out of know where. This is a funny article on 'How Banks make their Money'.
Then, I update my blogs, and peruse others. I tend to like design blogs, as well as the funny ones. If you ever need a laugh you can follow Because I Said So, or Bye Bye, Pie!
Do you have an online routine too? Or a suggestion I could add to mine?

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