Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From the library of...FREE Printables

Although I often peruse the Internet, and lately Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, I often always revert back to some of my favorite bookshelf reads. With so many books, I haven't taken the time to put name tags in each one of them...

...often resulting in books lent but never returned, or lost, but with just a name inscribed inside, who knows how to find you?

So I created a collection of 'From The Library Of' labels, to share;

Step One: Purchase Avery Labels size 5164

Step Two: Make your own QR Code HERE {Use your blog URL and choose the smaller size}

Step Three: Download the Labels from my website HERE

Step Four: Copy and Paste the QR Image in place on the labels.

Then your ready to print!

Good Luck,

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