Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Country Kitchen. Plans Come To Life

Welcome to our home.
Here's our country kitchen:

When I moved in with my fiance, the kitchen was a midnight blue hue. With half painted black or white cabinets. Some counters were granite, others were chipboard with granite tiles and all the appliances were all on one wall. It took us nearly a year to change, and the biggest change was lightening it up.
Here are some preliminary designs I created. I originally designed with a wall oven, but we decided on a stove and more storage instead.

We designed a bench seat in the bay window, which opens up to store small kitchen appliances. And as you can see, Buster really enjoys this spot. That's why we've called it Buster's bench.

Here's a perspective of the sink area. We now have pull out cabinets, storing microwavable dishes on both sides of the stove. So much more functional.

We also added a peninsula to create an eat in kitchen. We currently have two seats, but could easily fit four around the counter. The fridge was also originally right next to the stove, with a left handed door, which is not really practical so we relocated it to create a triangle, and a more functional space.

Through the columns (to the right of the picture above) is our family room. A lot of work was done in that room also. The biggest project was building a wall above the fireplace at an angle to withstand our TV...More on that another time.
Hope you enjoyed seeing how some plans can come to life.
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  1. That is all so pretty. I love the colors! It all looks so calm and peaceful!

  2. Your country kitchen looks great!! I'm pinning this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  3. Your Kitchen looks Great..I like it very much..Nice arrangement..
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