Sunday, December 5, 2010

Romantic Wrapping

Christmas wrapping is something you either like, or dislike. For me, it is something I've always enjoyed doing. When I was younger, my mother would ask for help wrapping gifts to put under the tree. She was patient and always used the line "less is more". I however, enjoyed bringing out the ribbons, bows and name tags and would spend hours embellishing gifts.

{A Gift Wrapped Life}

Over time, I bought my own gifts to give, and would at times over embellish them, to the dismay that  others were disappointed with what was inside. Oftentimes, a reduced price book, or a last minute find.

{A Gift Wrapped Life}

Embarrassed, I decided I would prefer to discover something beautiful to share. So over the years whenever I go to antique shops, idyllic stores, boutiques or on my annual European trips I collect small things that I like and wish to give, and in return I get the pleasure of gift wrapping, embellishing and giving.

{Selina Lake}

If you enjoyed the images as much as I did, visit 'A Gift Wrapped Life' and 'Selina Lake'

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