Sunday, December 5, 2010

Something you didn't know about me

When I was in high school (1997-2002) in England we were required to do a two week internship, to get a feel for what future path we'd like to walk down. I remember we were interviewed by our careers coach and asked what interested us.

Obviously I said; "I really enjoy houses".

I did, I really did! My fascination started when I was around six, or seven. My parents had a house referred to as the 'broken house' which sat on over 22 acres in South Africa. I built my own play house out of concrete blocks and cement bags.

Later on, when I moved to England I'd draw floor plans on A4 paper for hours, some of which I still have.When I got older we'd visit stately homes, palaces, castles and halls all of which made me intrigued in history and one place in particular Windsor Castle, well the Queen Mary's doll house was something I believe every little girl wishes she could play with.

{Queen Mary's Dollhouse ~ Given to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret)

{Letter from Queen Elizabeth known as Lilibet to her Grandmother}

Anyways, for my internship they sent me to a dollhouse shop, in Royal Leamington Spa for a week, and to a Real Estate agents also in Leamington for a week (not the best week for selling as it was a month after 9/11).

So, when I came across Liberty Biberty I was enthralled, a mother decorated a shabby cottage in true doll house fashion. If it were real, it would be my dream home!

{Coffee table}

{Kitchen sink, I adore the curtain under the cabinetry}

{Bedroom, with a beautiful side table}

{Do you think I could have that dress in my size?}

{Washbasin, with washbowl and jug}

{Looks edible, doesn't it?}

{All the Rachel Ashwell books are featured in this cottage}
{Like to sit awhile?}

I hope you too get to visit Queen Mary's Dollhouse at Windsor Castle, and if you'd like to see more pictures from Liberty Biberty, visit HERE.

Enjoy your childhood memories,

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  1. Liberty Biberty has always been one of my favorite shabby chic dollhouse sites.


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