Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anthea Turner's Kitchen

Anthea Turner
Daily Mail

When I was a child I lived in England for eleven years. My mother, sister and I moved there when I was eight and just before my nineteenth birthday I moved to the Western United States to pursue college.

While living in England during the 90's I would watch Anthea Turner present the morning TV show called GMTV and a travel show. Before that she was a presenter on 'Blue Peter' and nowadays she's the queen of cleaning, otherwise known as 'The Perfect Housewife'. 

Some people either love her, or hate her personality. I personally love her, and have many similar interests. So, when Daily Mail {a British Newspaper} posted a picture of her kitchen, I had to have a sneak peek.

This is an excerpt from that article:


Our kitchen is the heart of the home, and Grant’s three daughters come and go as they please here so there are lots of big gatherings round the table with simple home cooking. If filming my show Dinner Party Wars in Toronto with some serious foodies has taught me one thing, it’s don’t try too hard when you’re entertaining – people come to see you, not your back while you slave over a hot stove.
Anthea Turner
My dad brought this bear back from Germany when I was tiny – he was there with the family carpentry business – so I called him Brian after Dad. My mum, Jean, was a teacher, but after my sister Ruth was born with spina bifida she stayed at home. Sadly Ruth died at the age of 15 in 1978, but this bear reminds me of my very laid back, lovely sister and makes me wonder what sort of adult she’d have become.
Anthea Turner
When I travel, this Italian coffee pot goes everywhere with me. I can’t drink instant coffee and this makes a delicious brew on the stove top. It was Jack Dee who showed me how to make coffee like this when we did the very first Celebrity Big Brother. He brought one of these into the house as his luxury item and I was hooked. The only difference between my pot and Jack’s is that mine is pink.
Anthea Turner
The pottery industry in Stoke-on- Trent, where I come from, is in decline, which is terrible because it was the lifeblood of the local community. When you see things with the Doulton stamp today, you know they were made in the Far East. But potter Emma Bridgewater took a risk and bought an old factory there and is still making beautiful china – I support her by buying her work, like this lovely coffee mug.
Anthea Turner
My TV work on shows like GMTV and Wish You Were Here has taken me all over the world, so my Mulberry luggage has been essential. I’ve had it for 12 years and how it’s survived I don’t know. But wherever I’ve been, as soon as I get home I put on my sheepskin slippers given to me four Christmases ago by my friend Sally. I live in them and if they didn’t make me look
like Waynetta Slob, I’d wear them all the time.
Anthea Turner
Darling Biddy, my golden retriever, is 12. I’ve always adored animals and couldn’t live without them. I bought Biddy as a pup and we have four cats too, including Twiglet here. Three of them came from my sister Wendy’s TV show Pet Rescue and the fourth, Martin, was found wandering the streets of Stoke by my mother. I also have a beloved Andalusian stallion, Caramelo – it’s like a big dog you can ride.

Very co-ordinated don't you think? You can visit Anthea's website HERE.

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