Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simplicity Issue

Some of you may know that I started an online magazine earlier this year. It was during fall sometime last year when I was trying to find a creative outlet. I couldn't quite figure out what, at the time so I slowly scribbled ideas into my nearest composition book.

By the way, a composition book is one of the best things you can have next to your coffee table, your bedside table or in your purse. For 30 cents {even I could manage that} you can write every idea that may pop into your thoughts.

I'm well known for saying "Oh, I have an idea" much to my fellow friends demise...because over my past twenty-five years, it's been a consistent quality, however, I'm inclined to get all my friends to help me, luckily the best ones stay around and enjoy being a part of my ideas just as much as I do.

So My 365 came about because I am
1. Totally into organizing and making daily lists
2. Wanting to learn new things everyday
3. I really wanted a way to share my daily finds with others and it took several iterations to figure out HOW???

Firstly, I bought a ton of study cards and inscribed ideas...that idea fizzled out, then I decided it could be a book, then after several cups of coffee with Cory who has designed magazines I thought,


he looked at me and said "what?"

and I replied "Oh, I have a good idea, let's make a magazine"

fortunately, he agreed and so I went on and  filled up composition books trying to figure out WHAT NEXT?

It was with that thought that launching online would reach many readers, more readers who 'kinda' thought like I did. Then I realized, they could share and be a part of the My 365 family with us.

Then, one chilly not quite yet spring day, my dear friend Nadia came to visit and we relayed our idea over breakfast at Denny's...the other people eating their breakfast and the waitress were curious what we were so excited about, and secretly felt good about our endeavour.

So, we set to work...Cory started the website based off my doodles, Nadia reached out to the social networking community and I started receiving MORE emails from people around the world, than I ever had.

It is with that we launched Issue 1, the 'Fresh Issue' on May 23rd 2011. About a week before my birthday, and then Issue 2, the 'Vintage Issue' and most recently the 'Simplicity Issue'

Each issue we grow, we learn how more about our My 365 community and we reach out for others to contribute and be a part of this 'Unique' magazine. We also get enough ad sales to buy a milkshake each issue when all is said and done. So having positive emails and comments makes us feel like our efforts, and to which I have to graciously thank Cory and Nadia these issues wouldn't be a reality.

I'm now also along with the magazine creating a DIFFERENT kind of calendar, and am devising a way for most of the proceeds to go to a cancer charity.

Better get my scribble on!

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  1. And so glad that you turned an idea into a dream and in turn a reality. My 365 Mag is only in its infancy and is already outstanding! A credit to you all x Also wishing you the best with your charity work ... a beautiful thing to do.


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