Tuesday, November 19, 2013

830 Hungerford Place

I was browsing homes in Charlotte when I came across this one. It's 11,000+ square feet and is located at 830 Hungerford Place, on 3 acres. The front is symmetrically designed and even more elegant once you take a step inside...

I love all the natural light coming in the front doors, it reflects of the painted hardwoods which give the space some character.

The stairway has a modern sisal type of carpet, perfect for a busy family to hurry up and down the stairs.

The formal living room has beautiful 12' ceilings, as does the rest of the home. It looks slightly unused, but would be a lovely spot to host a Christmas tea party.

The dining room has a beautifully painted wall, and ample space to sit everyone around a large round table. I would have added seating by the windows for after dinner guests and maybe a small bar.

Besides the obvious, there's a bear in the room... I'd be walking through this room quickly, he looks like he climbed through the window.

And this is where I'd settle. The French style furnishings are classy, yet look really comfortable.

A dreamy white kitchen, which overlooks the breakfast room. So much light this would be a wonderful start to every day.

Upstairs is this comfy bedroom, which has soothing colored walls and nicely adorned trim. There are 6 bedrooms altogether, and 10 bathrooms (although none were pictured).

It's on the market for 3.45 million. You can visit the link here.

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