Sunday, November 3, 2013

Full Length Movie Sunday

There are some weekends when we all need some downtime. Time to sit back, relax and watch movies. I have been finding lot's of old, but good movies on You Tube. Totally appropriate for Hallmark or Lifetime, these movies are some I've seen before, but they all carry a message.

Ordinary Miracles (2005)
is about a young girl who gets sent from foster home, to foster home, but when there's no place for her to go a judge decides to take her in. This movie teaches you about second chances.

A Child's Cry For Help (1994)
a movie that brings out the investigator in you, can a mom who seem so affectionate, and loving be the reason for her sons illnesses? This movie teaches that you have to rely on instinct.

Everybody's Baby The Rescue Of Jessica McClure (1989)
The video cannot be posted, but is a worthwhile watch. A baby has an accident and draws a nation together in her rescue. This movie teaches how we should all help each other, in times of need. 

Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story (2001)
my grandmother loved Shirley Temple, so I decided to learn more. This movie is about how Shirley was the most famous child star, most possibly in history, but after growing up, her fame began to fade.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

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